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Beach Line-12

Beach Line-12


Full view black laminated 2x4 glass garage door with black anodized frame

Door Frame

Top Rail: 4-5/8''

Bottom Rail: 4-5/8''

Combined Intermediate Rails: 4-1/4''

Center Stile: 2-7/8''

End Stile: 4-5/8''

Door Frame Color: black


Glass size thickness: 1/4''

Glass color: black laminated

* Specialty glass available upon request for additional cost.

Glazing is completed using a butyl tape that adheres the glass to the frame and provides a high quality seal.

Aluminum retainers are snapped in  place with a 1/4'' EPDM round foam strip between the glass and aluminum retainer acting as another seal and impact dampener.

Whats Included?

Hardware Included

All components are galvanized steel and consist of 14 gauge hinges, 12 gauge top & bottom fixtures.

2'' nylon 10 ball bearing rollers with long-stem for top & bottom fixtures and short-term for hinges.

Inside lock included.

Tracks Included

All glass doors include 2'' tracks with 12'' Radius - 14 gauge horizontals with 17 gauge verticals.

All tracks are mounted with reverse continuous jamb angle.

Horizontals are reinforced with 13 gauge angle mounted continuous to the length of the horizontal.

Options: For additional cost low head room (0'' or 3.5''), High Lift, Vertical Lift, Follow the Pitch Lift. Contact us for more details.

Counterbalance Torsion Springs Included

Springs are oil tempered and calibrated per door weight, size and track requirements.

Glass garage doors include standard springs with 10,000 cycles

12 gauge bearing & spring plates 

16 gauge torsion tube is standard, 14 gauge, 11 gauge and solid shafts are available and used when specified.


QTY (2) 22 gauge 2-1/4'' galvanized steel struts come with every door.

Weather Seal

4'' bulb type bottom weather-seal is standard with all glass garage doors, 6'' is available at an additional cost.



Limited 1 year warranty against cracking, and chipping of the anodized or powder coated finish. Limited 1 year warranty on hardware or components.

* Installation & Motor not included in price

* Free Customer Pick-up

* Does not include Delivery

* All Garage Doors will be charged with TAX

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